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Bona Fide Beauty Premium Czech Glass Nail File$

I tried a cheap way to file my nails, and the whole process went horrible. My nails broke, and it took time to restore them. That was three years ago.

After my experience, I vowed to invest in something better on the market. Little did I know that this would be a breakthrough towards the new way of filing my nails. Now I am happy with the decision.

Maybe you‘ve been there before, and now you are looking for the best nail file to file and shape your nails. Without a doubt, you are in the right place as we have prepared for you the most sought after nail files on the market. This was after extensive research from the broad market.

The available nail files will help you reduce the frequent trips to the salon to do your nails. Again, it will save you time and help you discover your art in manicure and pedicure.

What’s the Difference?

It is ridiculous to think that any nail file can perform the same functions, right? Nail files come in different sizes and from different materials. There are those made from glass, ceramic, and metal, which play different roles.

For example, a coarse nail file works correctly on acrylic nails, while the soft gripped units will shape your natural nails better. Choosing the right model simply elevates your manicure from basic to professional.

Things You Should Know Before You Buy That Nail File

The two essential things that you need to keep in mind are the types of nail files and grit grades.

● Type of nail files

There are four types of nail files with each designed to play a unique role.

Emery boards are popular and readily available. They feature cardboard and sandpaper materials. I’m certain that you have one somewhere in your house, right? They have varying grit grades suitable for shaping the nails and taking off gel. They are cost-effective, and you easily buy more to keep in your house.

Buffing blocks is another nail file type. They have more than four sides with varying grit grades. In most cases, they buff the nail surface but are not the best for your nail filing and shaping.

Metal nail files have previously dominated the market. They are long-lasting and very coarse, which works best on artificial nails. 

Glass nail files are now the favorite of nail artists. Unlike other models that choose the type of nails, these work well on natural and also the acrylic nails. They are safe to use on brittle and sensitive nails.

● Grit Grades

How coarse or fine is your nail file? There is a number on your nail file that shows the abrasiveness of your file. These might be one or more numbers. The higher number indicates the finest grit while the lower number shows you how coarse the grit is. This determines the shaping and filing choices you need to make.

Now that you have more information about the nail files, let us jump straight to the tried and tested nail files. We have the six best models for you to choose from. Stay put as we explore in-depth what each one can do for you.

Top 6 Best Nail Files to Shape and File Your Nails

OPI Crystal Nail File

OPI has a rich history from 1981. All along, the company has manufactured manicure and pedicure kits to help you make the best out of your nails.

We included it on our list since it is one of the top nail file brands on the market with over 1k reviews. It is a certified glass file, thus beating the rest on the market, which are uncertified.

The durable and hardened glass is core and gives this nail file a permanent abrasive surface. Besides, the surface is non-porous and thus easily sanitized or cleaned using water or anti-bacterial elements.

This means that you can use and reuse it, thus saving money. Better still, the glass has a fine grit and hence safe for use. Unlike the models with sharp edges, this one has a smooth glass so you can use it at home or salon without injuring yourself.

Indeed, you would agree that this file is a handy tool, thus travel-friendly thanks to the small size. Also, the design makes it easy to use and more comfortable compared to the rest in the same bracket.

When using it on your nails, this premium product offers the fine to medium-grit crystal filing, thus accurate. You expect nothing but attractive, well-shaped nails.

What we liked

  • The quality glass construction
  • Ease of use
  • Great for natural nails
  • Has fine to medium grits
  • Smooth ends thus safe
  • Small and portable
  • Easy to clean and sanitize

What we didn’t like

  • Breaks if you drop on a hard surface
  • Cannot be used on acrylic nails


In general, this is a lightweight nail file with durable glass construction. It is a bit pricier, but in the end, you will love how it works on your natural nails with the fine grit. It is also safe since there are no sharp edges.

Crystal Glass Nail File & Buffer Set by Malva Belle

For nails to stay healthy and strong, investing in a quality nail file is a must. 

The Crystal Glass Nail File & Buffer Set delivers professional results at the comfort of your home. 

It is built to last, and the finely-ridged edges set it above the competitors since it makes the file safe and durable. You will love how easy it is to clean the file after use. Simply run it underwater, and that is it.

Further, this tool is small and well-designed. You can tuck it in your travel bag and use it while on vacation. The cute case also plays a massive role when it comes to storage.

The additional accessories in the set are double-sided nail buffer and polisher, which comes from quality EVA and PS materials. This makes it elastic and more manageable when in use. You will achieve the shiny nails quickly and effortlessly thanks to the superfine grits (400/4000).

Lastly, the set is built to last, and the manufacturer backs it with a lifetime warranty with steady customer care support.

What we liked

  • The superfine grit 
  • Glass construction hence durable
  • Small and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to lean underwater
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Great design 
  • Comes with a storage case
  • Very thick and long-lasting
  • Can work on acrylic

What we didn’t like

  • Costly when compared to the rest
  • Very thick and not comfortable to use for some people


If you are looking for a thick nail file, then this will be precise. The high-quality glass used during the construction makes it suitable for home and salon use. Even so, the fine grip allows for use on acrylic and natural nails.

Makartt Zebra Nail Files

Emery boards are common and come in different sizes with varying grit. They work well on acrylic and also natural nails. What if you tried this new set of 10 files by emery? This is a wise investment since the emery files wear out easily; therefore, having ten of them makes it possible for you to replace anytime you need a change of grit.

They are made from quality adhesive tape with emery board materials, which promote a comfortable nail filing experience. The 100 grit works on the rough nails while the 180 grit smoothens the nails. This ensures you have the shiny and smooth nails in preparation for nail treatment and nail extension.

Finally, the emery, as usual, is cost-effective, and this a must-have if you are looking for a unit to use short-term as the grits wear out fast.

What we liked

  • The set of 10 files are adequate for your filing
  • Useful for both artificial and natural nails
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Cost-effective
  • Has varying grit for finer and coarser outcomes
  • Washable 
  • The curved design thus attractive
  • Versatile for home and salon use

What we didn’t like

  • Not durable like the other models


Now that you want a set of nail files, try the Makartt Zebra Nail Files. They come in handy if you are on a budget but still want to have impressive nails. The better part is that they work on both the acrylic nails and natural nails, thus an excellent value for money.

ClassyLady Professional Glass Nail File

A super durable glass nail file that never wears is there but rare. Well, we were lucky to find the ClassyLady glass nail file and add it to our list. It is strong and hardened to maneuver through the stringent process that comes with filing hard nails.

Additionally, the file is small and you simply insert in your handbag and continue with the manicure wherever you want. 

The slim and sleek design not only makes this nail file look attractive but also makes handling manageable. This improves your filing and shaping, which results in having great nails.

After use, worry little about cleaning. Simply submerge it in water with sanitizers or disinfectants then take it out and wait for your next manicure. The cleaning process is what gives this nail file an edge as compared to the rest in the market.  

What we liked

  • The durable glass will serve you for ages
  • Easy to use
  • The edges are smooth and hence safe
  • Easy to clean using soapy water
  • Travel friendly
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Classy design
  • Comes with a carry case

What we didn’t like

  • No warranty information about the file
  • It is costly when compared to the others


Now that you want a durable nail file, we got you the ClassyLady Professional Glass Nail File, which features extra hardened glass. It is easy to use and a great option for your acrylic nails. It is slightly pricier, but the features available fulfill all your needs and even exceeds them. Simply try it out and let us know how it worked for you.

MAKARTT Nail Files 100 180 Grit for Poly Nail Extension Gel Acrylic

A double-sided nail file takes your manicure to a whole new level. You will get different nails shaped and filed to your satisfaction.

This emery file is a set of ten files that work to give you varying results depending on the file you are using. This is because each file has a double-sided operation with a grit grade of 100/180.

This file trims the shape of your nail to the required length. You only apply little pressure and see the results. This is unique when compared to other models that require hard pressing for results.

Again, the file is washable using water, which makes the maintenance easier for you. Try this file on your acrylic nails, and thank us later.

Finally, this model is a must-have tool if you are a nail artist ready to enjoy your manicure. It is a great gift idea for you in case you want a surprise gift for your loved ones on their special day as well.

What we liked

  • The set comes with ten nail files for long term use
  • Easy to clean with water after use
  • Double-sided use with varying grit grades
  • Great for acrylic nails
  • Made from quality emery materials thus durable
  • Classy design 
  • Small and lightweight 
  • Rounded top and button thus easy and safe to use

What we didn’t like

  • The emery materials do not last longer compared to glass
  • Very wide and thus limits under nail filing


If you are on a budget and still want a nail file worth your money, get this set of ten file tools. It is a double-sided type, which makes the grit smoother and more refined. Again, the portability makes this unit a great type to use while traveling. You can check out to see what others are saying about the MAKARTT Nail Files 100 180 Grit and be part of the story.

Bona Fide Beauty Premium Czech Glass Nail File

The beauty of this nail file is incomparable. You will love it at first sight. The nail file strengthens and hardens your nails with a fantastic shape after filing. Besides, the glass lasts longer compared to emery competitors, so you are sure to have it over time.

The beauty of this nail file is incomparable. You will love it at first sight. The nail file strengthens and hardens your nails with a fantastic shape after filing. Besides, the glass lasts longer compared to emery competitors, so you are sure to have it over time.

The glass file shapes and files in both directions. This delivers the most desired nail shape for you to apply the gel.

It is expertly shaped and thus glides over the nails smoothly such that the scraping sound is nowhere to be heard. Eventually, the whole process becomes easy, comfortable, and efficient.

The premium glass construction means that this nail file will never corrode, rot, or rust. Be sure that you will stay safe while using this file since it works as described with no injuries to your nails when in use.

 It comes with a carry case to move with it everywhere you go make it safer than the rest on the market. 

Finally, this nail file is easy to clean with water using sanitizers and other disinfectants. 

What we liked

  • Shaped in both directions
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable glass construction
  • Works wonders on your acrylic nails
  • Small and portable
  • Has a carry case
  • Classy and beautiful
  • Well-designed for easy carrying
  • Comes in six colors for you to choose your favorite

What we didn’t like

  • It is slightly expensive
  • The carry case isn’t an excellent quality


If you value beauty and functionality, then this is a great fit. Its glass construction makes it durable and functional on your acrylic nails. It is safe and straightforward to use and, thus, great value for investment. Try it out and let us know how it worked for you. Be part of the success story as you enjoy services from Bona Fide Beauty Premium Czech Glass Nail File.


Now that you have a great list of the best nail files, picking one should be an easy task for you. We don’t want you to waste your money on products that will keep disappointing you. Let us know once you purchase one from our list and tell us how the nail file is serving you.  

In case you have further questions about the best nail files, then reach out and we’ll gladly help out.