Kiara Sky French Starter Kit4oz$$$$
NYK1 Nail Force Power Nail Builder Gel15ml$$
IBD LED/UV Builder Gel Pink 56g
MIA SECRET 4oz Liquid Monomer + 4oz Clear Acrylic Powder 10.4 oz


Soak-Off Gel – Structure Gel Clear by Gelish15 ml$
Glossy UV Thick Builder Clear Gel for Nails1oz

The most noticeable thing on a woman after her beautiful hair is her nails. When greeting someone, nails are easily noticed, whether consciously or subconsciously. Having great nails can make you feel pretty, confident, and really good about yourself.

If you’ve been shying off from doing your nails, this article will give you the courage to give it a go.

What is the difference between nail extensions and nail overlays?

Nail extensions are the light plastic plates glued to the natural nails tip to improve the length. After that, you apply gel, acrylic, or fiberglass to strengthen the nails and make them glossy after curing.

On the other hand,  a nail overlay, which we will be focusing on in this write-up, involves applying the strengthening mixture to your natural nails, which promotes durability and a pleasant appearance.

Why are nail overlays popular nowadays?

They’re popular because they restore what were once damaged nails in a few hours. a relief to any woman with badly shaped or damaged nails.

Here are the reasons why the nail overlays matter most:

● They serve as protective barriers to your nails

● They benefit individuals with brittle or short nails

● They enhance the excellent appearance of longer nails

● They are affordable

● People with the habit of biting nails find them a suitable remedy

Let’s dive in to see what the best nail overlay for natural nails in 2020 looks like. Keeping in mind that the market has hundreds of overlays of natural nails, reviewing all of them can be very daunting.

We took the task and narrowed down the list to the best overlays on the market. We only considered the products that not only leave your nails shiny but healthy too. 

Top 6 overlays for your natural nails reviewed

Kiara Sky French Starter Kit

Kiara Sky French Starter Kit

Are you looking for a nail enhancement to give yourself and clients stronger, lightweight, and long-lasting natural nails? Kiara Sky French Starter Kit is adaptable and also affordable. The kit features nail powder that lets you keep the nails for exceptional outcomes.

There are other steps you will take to ensure the process is successful. The available guidelines make the process straightforward for you, which in turn speeds the process of strengthening your nails.

The starter kit comes with everything you need for a flawless process. The beauty of this kit is that the products are non-toxic, cruelty-free, and odorless, which makes it safe for your nails. The product dries naturally very quickly so you don’t need LED lamps which can be costly.

The package only weighs 1.9 oz, so it’s portable, which allows you to use the overlay wherever you want.

Removing the powder is also easy. You only need a file to remove the shiny layer, then soak the nails in acetone and wrap the nails in aluminum foil for around ten minutes. 

What we liked

  • Lightweight and thus portable
  • Easy to apply
  • Stress-free to remove
  • Guidelines for safe use
  • Non-toxic elements
  • Long-lasting overlay
  • Odorless 
  • Adds strength to the nails
  • Natural drying 
  • No precision required

What we didn’t like

  • The steps to follow are extreme
  • The powder can spill 


If you are on a budget and you hate strong odors, then this is your go-to overlay. It is known to dry fast and thus strengthen your nails quicker compared to its competitors. Since it comes from safe ingredients, you have nothing to worry about as far as safety is concerned.

NYK1 Nail Force Power Nail Builder Gel

Do you want a salon-quality nail strengthener? You can achieve this with the NYK1 Nail Force overlay. 

The builder provides a layer of added strength in case you have broken nails, exfoliating nails, or thin nails. And who wouldn’t like that?

The gel is UV and LED compatible so you can dry it faster using the lamp. The lighter gel levels easily so you can achieve the desired outcomes with no lumps and bumps. Best of all, you can soak it off anytime you want, which is an advantage over other overlays that need filing and shaping to remove.

Luckily, the application procedure is straightforward compared to other overlays. Simply read the available guide, and in no time, you will apply it as a professional.

The gel comes from safe ingredients and is also odorless. This makes the whole application process comfortable and relaxing if you are allergic to toxic odors. And as a bonus, it comes with an application brush.

What we liked

  • Lighter gel for easy overlay
  • UV and LED lamp compatible
  • Odorless and nontoxic
  • Comes from safe ingredients
  • Soak to remove the gel
  • Provided added strength faster
  • Has a guideline for easy application
  • Creates a perfectly smooth nail

What we didn’t like

  • It is costly


Generally, the best overlays are usually gel, and that is why we included this product on our list. It gives the desired strength to your nails with minimal effort. 

IBD LED/UV Builder Gel Pink – 56g / 2 oz. – 56832

Are you ready to create the perfect French manicure? Obviously, no one would disagree that the gel overlay plays an important role. Both professionals and beginners agree that this product is not too thin nor too thick and thus flows smoothly for quick curing.

You can use the pink color to create a lovely French manicure. Or apply it on its own for a  natural look. The gel hardens quickly over UV and LED light, saving you time. The correct steps are also available, so accomplishing a professional manicure at home is easy. This is also an advantage for beginners who want to experiment on their nails with a strong gel overlay.

Are you thinking about a gift idea for your loved one? Now you know the best gift to wow them.

What we liked

  • Not too thin nor too thick
  • Easy to apply 
  • Lightweight and thus portable
  • Dries fast under UV/LED light
  • Affordable prices
  • Self-leveling gel
  • Great for beginners and pros
  • Builds nails from scratch

What we didn’t like

It requires a brush for you to get excellent results


This is a powerful gel that dries fast under UV/LED lamps. Once you apply it, you get a natural-looking manicure that you can match with any color. 

MIA SECRET 4oz Liquid Monomer + 4oz Clear Acrylic Powder Nail Art System

MIA Secret brand is famous for nail products. MIA SECRET nail overlay has over 3k reviews and is still going strong. The products are pretty good for strengthening your nails, and that is why nail artists prefer them to other products.

The combo package features a clear powder and a bottle of liquid monomer which makes the application process easy . Luckily, the overlay doesn’t dry fast, which gives you time to correct mistakes. As a new user, you will find this overlay very impressive.

Once you apply the acrylic, it will not be as clear as a gel. You can improve the look by coloring your acrylic with gel or polish.

The bottles last you several weeks, which is more economical than the one-time gel.

When you apply the acrylic correctly, you are guaranteed stronger nails than using the gel alone. Therefore, brittle, thin, and damaged nails have a remedy with the MIA Secret overlay.

What we liked

  • The drying time allows you to correct mistakes 
  • Accepts gel after application for shiny outcomes
  • Comes in a combo package
  • Long-lasting after use
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Cost-effective
  • Strengthens the nails correctly

What we didn’t like

  • The monomer has a strong smell


MIA, unlike other overlays, comes in a combo design of liquid and powder. The two combined provide the strongest nail overlay. If you are tired of thin nails, then the best solution is to use the MIA Secret overlay. Try it now and let us know how it worked for you. Remember to follow the steps for desired results.

Soak-Off Gel – Structure Gel Clear by Gelish

If you are looking for a gel to give you extra nail strength, then Gelish is your best shot. It is simple to use and provides classy results.

The gel is thick and it sticks pretty well. If you are new, you can use this overlay to perfect your art as it takes time before drying up, giving you a chance to make adjustments.

The small design is also compact and lightweight, thus easy to use wherever you travel. Once you apply, feel free to dry the gel under UV/LED light for faster results. However, you can still dry it naturally  if you aren’t in a hurry.

The 15 ml bottle is adequate for your manicure and delivers excellent results for anyone with thin nails. It looks more professional and never floods the cuticle. You can use the two available application methods to get the same results.

This gel lasts longer after application and thus is great value for money. Besides, it is easy to remove and leaves no traces behind.

What we liked

  • Affordable nail overlay
  • Thick and sticks well
  • Dual application
  • 15 ml will go a long way
  • Soak it to remove the overlay
  • Dries under UV/LED lamps
  • Does not require added brushes

What we didn’t like

  • It doesn’t provide the real strength of a hard gel


If you are ready for a nail do-over, then this gel is here to give you the dream nails at an affordable cost. Even more, the application procedure is straightforward and thus beats the competitors. 

Glossy UV Thick Builder Clear Gel for Nails

Glossy UV Thick Builder Clear Gel For Nails, Hard Gel Overlay, Works With Thin Clear (Not Acrylic Systems) & Scultping (1 oz)

Are you tired of hiding your thin nails? If yes, luck is on your side today because we have the Glossy UV Thick Builder clear gel that is easy to apply and leaves your nails thick.

It features an easy to use flip cap, thus making it effortless to apply to your nails. Also, the 1 oz. capacity is adequate for your overlay work. You can still use the 8 oz. model if you want something that will last you for a longer time.

The overlay once complete dries quickly under UV light and thus quickens the manicure process. This will allow you to do the nails and embark on your daily routine.

Feel free to use it during your outdoor fun as the bottle is small, lightweight, and thus portable.

What we liked

  • Easy to apply
  • Comes in different viscosity to suit the application
  • It takes a short time to dry under a UV lamp
  • Adequate to last you through the process
  • Small, lightweight and portable
  • High-performance gel
  • Perfect for nail enhancement

What we didn’t like 

  • Easily peels off after a couple of days


If you are looking for a way to build your nails and thicken them, then this formula will work for you. It is easy to use and has a long-lasting effect when applied correctly.


How do I prepare my nails for the overlay?

Your overlay is supposed to last you for some time when you use the correct procedure. Basically, you need to follow the steps below to prepare for an overlay whether gel, polish, or any other type:

● Clean the nails to eliminate oils and dirt with alcohol or any other recommended sanitizer

● Push back the cuticles with the right tools e.g the orange sticks. Be as gentle as possible

● Buff the nails surface to allow for correct attachment of the overlay

● Remove the dust from the nails after buffing

● Put the primer and apply the product you choose

How do I remove the overlay with ease?

An overlay is supposed to last you for 2-4 weeks. To remove the overlay, use a file and gently scrub it off. Alternatively, use a soaked piece of cloth in acetone and wrap your nails using aluminum foils under the soaked piece of cloth. Wait for 1-15 minutes then remove the surface gently by washing it off or buffering smoothly.

How long does an overlay last?

Gel or acrylic overlay should last for 3-4 weeks when you follow the right procedures for application. Depending on the brand, you will experience different outcomes since each company uses different ingredients to put together the product. 


With these six products, you’re unstoppable. Remember that all our recommended products have the necessary ingredients to nourish your nails and keep them healthy. They also protect the nails from breaking and damage.

So, what nail overlay did you love the most?